We modify the physical world using computer-controlled invisible forces.
We make a paradigm shift from THINGS to FIELDS and deliver magical experiences to users.

We render worthwhile physical phenomena using WAVES such as sounds, lights, and so on.We lead the world in improving user experiences by field design.


We mainly use the technologies that make use of interference of waves, such as phased arrays and computational holograms, for our purpose.


Our interest includes up to space development.
We work out the technologies that control all kinds of fields and rewrite the physical world at will just like computer graphics.

We, Yoichi Ochiai and Takayuki Hoshi, started collaboration research at the middle of 2012. We demonstrated a world first 3D acoustic manipulation at the end of 2013.

  • ochiai

    Yoichi Ochiai

    Pixie Dust technologies, Inc.
    CEO Co-Founder/Wizard

    If Edison is an inventor, Yoichi Ochiai is a wizard. He is interested in the field of real world oriented computer graphics and new media art composed of mixture of new media and classic technologies. Born 1987 in Tokyo. BA (Media Arts and Sciences) from University of Tsukuba 2011. MA (Interdisciplinary Information Studies) from University of Tokyo 2013. Microsoft Research intern. PhD candidate. Committee of Information Processing Society of Japan. Technical paper author of SIGGRAPH and selected artist of SIGGRAPH Art Gallery. He received the Super Creator Title from IPA and METI. He also received awards from Laval Virtual, ACE, UIST, EuroHaptics, Japan Manifest Award, World Technology Award by TIME & Fortune, and many others. The Best of SIGGRAPH 2014’s technical papers (by CGCHANNEL) and the Best Video 2012 (by Newscientist). He was featured on BBC, Discovery channel, AP, Reuters, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Russia 1, and over 100 famous web/magazine/tv media. Speeches and Lectures in various colleges, museums, corporations, and events (e.g. TED and local TED talks).

  • ochiai

    Takayuki Hoshi

    Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc.

    Takayuki Hoshi is a master of ultrasonics. He contributed to development of a world first ultrasound-based noncontact tactile display in 2008. He is interested in expanding the application area of high-intensity airborne ultrasound. He is actively conducting collaboration researches with researchers in various other fields, for example, lapillus bug (displayed in Japan Media Arts Festival and ARS Electronica Center), Graffiti Fur (demonstrated in SIGGRAPH 2014 E-tech), and others. BE, ME, and PhD (Information Science and Technology) degrees from the University of Tokyo (Japan), in 2003, 2005, and 2008, respectively. Research fellow of JSPS from April 2007 to March 2009. Assistant professor in Kumamoto University (Japan) for two years. Currently, he is an assistant professor in Nagoya Institute of Technology (Japan). He won Incentive Awards at SICE Sensing Forum 2005 and 2012, Annual Conference Award at SICE 2007, and Young Scientist Award at Symposium on Ultrasonic Electronics 2013. He was also selected as one of the best scientists who made notable contribution by MEXT NISTEP in 2014.

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Holographic Whisper: Ultrasound-based point-sound-source speaker