“Gamma wave sound weather forecast” using “gamma wave sound” jointly developed by Pixie Dust Technologies and Shionogi & Co., starts regular broadcasting on Japan’s first radio program, Bunka Broadcasting

“Gamma wave sound weather forecast” using “gamma wave sound” jointly developed by Pixie Dust Technologies and Shionogi & Co., starts regular broadcasting on Japan’s first radio program, Bunka Broadcasting

Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yoichi Ochiai, Taiichiro Murakami, hereinafter "PxDT"), which is engaged in R&D and commercialization in the areas of diversity and healthcare, will begin regular broadcasts on Bunka Broadcasting as "Gamma Wave Sound Weather Forecast" on January 22, 2024 (Monday). The broadcasting is using the technology of "Gamma Wave Sound," a sound that may help care for cognitive functions in daily life. The "Gamma Wave Sound" has been jointly developed with Shionogi & Co., (headquartered in Chuo-ku, Osaka; Isao Teshirogi, Chairman, President & CEO; hereinafter "Shionogi"). This initiative will be the first in Japan to broadcast regularly on a radio program using gamma wave sound.

About gamma wave sound

Since 2021, PxDT and Shionogi have been engaged in joint research to develop a new service that focuses on changes in brain rhythm activity caused by sensory stimulation*1. "Gamma wave sound," jointly developed by PxDT and Shionogi, is a sound that has the potential to provide cognitive function care while living daily life by applying 40Hz modulation to everyday sounds such as TV and radio in real time. The frequency of 40 Hz is the same band as the brain wave "gamma wave" that appears when humans are thinking about problem-solving such as memory and reasoning, and when cognitive dysfunction occurs, it is necessary to exert cognitive function in the brain. It has been reported that the specific rhythm activity (gamma wave) of the brain is reduced as one of the characteristics of disorder* 2.

Research results that improved cognitive function in mice by presenting sounds with a 40Hz cycle, and research results that suggest suppression of cognitive deterioration and suppression of brain atrophy in clinical trials targeting humans have also been obtained. The sound of the 40Hz cycle is attracting worldwide attention.* 3, 4 On the other hand, the 40Hz sound used in previous research is a monotonous pulse sound that cannot include audio information, etc., and is difficult to keep listening to every day, especially when incorporating it into daily life. In order to solve this problem, PxDT and Shionogi have developed "gamma wave sound" using gamma wave modulation technology, a special technology that can perform 40Hz modulation in real time on sounds such as TVs and radios.

About Bunka Broadcasting "Gamma Wave Sound Weather Forecast"

Bunka Broadcasting's "Gamma Wave Sound Weather Forecast" will be broadcast from 5:05 a.m. on weekdays as part of the wide program "Good Morning Tera-chan," which is currently being broadcast on Bunka Broadcasting using weather forecast using BGM modulated to gamma wave sound. This is the first time in Japan that a regular radio program has been broadcast using gamma-wave sound. By broadcasting in the early morning hours when there are many senior listeners and every weekday, we hope that it will be an opportunity to create a habit of incorporating "gamma wave sound" daily.

[Outline of the project]
■Program name:"Bunka Broadcasting Gamma Wave Sound Weather Forecast"
■Broadcast time:Every Monday to Friday from 5:05 a.m. (in the wide program "Good Morning Tera-chan")
■Start of the broadcasting:January 22, 2024

PxDT will continue to work with Shionogi to build evidence and promote joint research for "brain activation and cognitive function improvement through sound stimulation" to solve the problems of patients and society. We will continue to work toward providing new solutions.


1. September 21, 2022 press release
About the conclusion of a business alliance agreement for the start of brain activation business through sound stimulation by three companies, Pixie Dust Technologies, Shionogi Healthcare, Shionogi Pharmaceutical

2. Herrmann, CS, & Demiralp, T. (2005). Human EEG gamma oscillations in neuropsychiatric disorders. Clinical neurophysiology, 116 (12), 2719-2733.

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