Innovative Optical Fiber Microphone Enhances Ultrasonic Measurement

Innovative Optical Fiber Microphone Enhances Ultrasonic Measurement

Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:PXDT) (the "Company"), a Japanese technology company focused on commercializing innovative products and materials utilizing proprietary wave control technology, today announced a groundbreaking development in ultrasonic measurement. This research, presented at Symposium on Ultrasonic Electronics in November 2023, introduced an optical fiber-based intensity microphone for airborne ultrasound, marking a significant leap in acoustic power measurement and sound source localization. This study utilizes the microphone's ability to minimally disturb sound fields while providing an almost omnidirectional response to ultrasonic frequencies. The technology promises wide applications, from development of noncontact ultrasonic haptics to industrial sensing. "We are excited about the potential of this technology to advance the study of powerful ultrasonic waves," commented Takayuki Hoshi, CRO. "We are committed to contributing to the healthy development of ultrasonic technology."

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