VUEVO Published in the “New Normalization” Monthly Magazine

VUEVO Published in the “New Normalization” Monthly Magazine

"VUEVO", a service developed by Pixie Dust Technologies Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yoichi Ochiai, Taiichiro Murakami) to connect people with hearing impairments and hearing difficulties, was features in the February 2024 issue of the "New Normalization" monthly magazine published by the Japan Rehabilitation Association for Persons with Disabilities.
In the "Realization / Supporting Equipment from the Perspective of the Parties" section, we will introduce the reasons and background behind the development of VUEVO, product features, customer feedback and future developments.

About "New Normalization"

"New Normalization" originated in 1981 as the "welfare of people with disabilities" in the International Year of the Disabled. It was rebranded in 1995 as "Normalization: Welfare for People with Disabilities," and for approximately 20 years has been disseminating a wide range of information both within and outside of Japan related to people with disabilities. Although it was discontinued in April 2018, the “New Normalization” monthly magazine launched in October 2019.

Various information, including information and movements on disability measures by the national and local governments, activities and lifestyles of people with disabilities, daily life innovations, unique activities in various regions related to people with disabilities, efforts by local companies, NPOs, and overseas movements, are presented in a concise manner.

It is recommended for a wide range of individuals, including people with disabilities, government officials in prefectures and municipalities, staff at facilities and offices, researchers, students studying the welfare of people with disabilities, and those who are interested in disability welfare.

・ February 2024 issue (published on February 28, 2024)

Japan Rehabilitation Association for Persons with Disabilities


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