Air Mount Retinal Projector Air Mount Retinal Projector


「Air Mount Retinal Projector」は、網膜に映像を直接投影することで、⼈体に負担をかけずに、誰にでも⾼解像度の映像を提供できる光学システムです。 ⽔晶体のレンズ機能に依存せずに結像させるため、近視や遠視の⼈間でもピントの合った映像を⾒ることができます。 スクリーンが網膜⾃体であることから、本⼈以外には映像が全く⾒えず、プライバシー性が⾼いことも特⻑です。 また、常にピントが合った映像を提供できることで、従来の VR/AR デバイスで⽣じていた "酔い" が発⽣しづらくなっています。 無駄のない光学設計は、⼈体だけでなく機械への負担も減らしました。 ⾮常に軽く、消費電⼒を低く抑えることができるため、ヘッドマウントディスプレイはもちろん、⽇常的に使うメガネにも実装することができます。

Air Mount Retinal Projector is an optical system that can provide high-resolution images to anyone without causing any physical burden by projecting the image directly onto the retina. Even people with myopia or hyperopia can see focused images, as the imaging is done independently of the lens function in the eye. It provides enhanced privacy, because the image cannot be seen by anyone other than the person oneself, as the retina itself act as the screen. Moreover, motion sickness that occurs in conventional VR/AR devices is less likely to occur here, because focused images are always provided. The lean optical design has reduced the burden not only on the human body, but also on the equipment as well. Because it is extremely light and maintains low power consumption, it can be used for a head-mounted display, and can even be implemented in conventional glasses used daily.

< Case >

< Case >


従来の HMD では視野⾓やオブジェクト距離に原理的な制約があったが、それらを超えた性能を達成できる可能性がある。

■ Case 1
You are exploring whether guidance for operation of machines such as automobiles, can be provided not only using voice, but also pictures and images. A 3D image is made to appear naturally within the field of view, as it is difficult to pay attention to a specific location on the monitor in a car while driving.

■ Case 2
There is a possibility of implementing functionality overcoming the fundamental constraints of viewing angle and object distance in conventional HMDs.

< 原理 >

< Theory >


私たちの「Air Mount Retinal Projector」では、微細なミラー構造からなるメタマテリアルミラープレートで、眼球の中にバーチャルなプロジェクターを配置(あたかも眼球の中にプロジェクターをしたかのような光線分布を実現)します。そして、⽬に照射されても害がない程度の超微弱レーザーで、網膜(スクリーン)に直接映像を打ち込んでいます。

⼈間の眼をカメラに例えると、⽔晶体がレンズ、網膜が撮像素⼦の役割を果たしています。 近視や遠視、⽼眼などはレンズのトラブルであることが多いため、網膜に直接映像を投影することで視⼒の影響を受けません。

■ Proprietary optical system using metamaterial mirror

Our Air Mount Retinal Projector implements a virtual projector in the eyeball (realizing light distribution as if the projector is inside the eyeball), using a metamaterial mirror plate with a fine mirror structure. Moreover, the image is directly projected on the retina (screen) using an ultra-weak laser such that it is not harmful when irradiated to the eye.

If the human eye is taken to be a camera, the crystalline lens acts as a lens, and the retina acts as an imaging device. Direct projection of images onto the retina is not affected by eyesight, as various vision problems, such as myopia, hyperopia, and presbyopia, are associated with the crystalline lens.



■ Projection to a point at infinity

Adopting a projector that projects to a point at infinity as the light source eliminates the focal point constraints and avoids the congestion adjustment inconsistencies. Accordingly, a focused image can always be clearly provided, and it is also possible to place objects nearby.

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