筑波大学とのアライアンス / Alliance with University of Tsukuba


The special collaborative research program between PDT and University of Tsukuba has introduced an epoch-making mechanism to accelerate social implementation of technologies originating from academia. Intellectual property aspects, such as patent applications and expertise confidentiality, are important in establishing business around a technology. However, in collaborative researches between companies and universities, a considerable amount of time tends to be spent in complicated procedures such as negotiations and contracts accompanying patent application. To avoid such time consumption, PDT has established a contract with University of Tsukuba, in which the intellectual properties coming from this special collaborative research program are comprehensively transferred to PDT. As a consideration for this contract, PDT has issued stock acquisition rights to University of Tsukuba. This is an unforeseen industry-academia collaboration scheme in Japan, where the intellectual property rights generated in a university are comprehensively transferred to a company in exchange for stock acquisition rights. In this way, all the procedures accompanying patent applications can be eliminated, which in turn leads to the continuous and rapid social implementation of technology seeds.

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