Pixie Dust Technologies Launches a Subscription Service for “SonoRepro Exosome”, a Beauty Serum Exclusively for Scalps

Pixie Dust Technologies Launches a Subscription Service for “SonoRepro Exosome”, a Beauty Serum Exclusively for Scalps

Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yoichi Ochiai, Taiichiro Murakami) launched a subscription service for "SonoRepro Exosome", a scalp serum that can be used in combination with the SonoRepro ultrasonic scalp care device on February 8, 2024.

With the subscription, customers can subscribe for 4,500 yen (excluding tax) per month, a 10% discount from the standard price. Free shipping with one bottle delivered per month at the special price.

Service overview

Contents: 1 SonoRepro Exosome
Fee: 4,500 yen per month (excluding tax)
Purchase site:

About SonoRepro Exosome

A scalp serum, designed to be used in conjunction with SonoRepro™, contains Exosomes from stem cells derived from human saitai blood and Swertia Japonica Extract. It supports scalp turnover and fosters voluminous hair from the root. Contains 13 types of beauty ingredients (moisturizing ingredients) to promote the growth of healthy, hydrated hair. Conveniently formulated as a spray, it is suitable for individuals concerned about hair problems such as hair loss, thinning, fine textures, and those desiring to maintain beautiful hair.

To use it, wash and dry your hair, then apply the serum to the area of your scalp that concerns you. It can be used in conjunction with SonoRepro™.

・ Product specifications
Official name: SonoRepro Exosome
Product number: PDS1018
Ingredients: water, ethanol, stem cell exosomes derived from human Saitai blood, senburi extract, cha leaf extract, sea salt, pea sprout extract, sodium hyaluronate, Dutch gill leaf / stem extract, hydrolyzed collagen, menthol, lactic acid, PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, grapefruit seed extract, sodium benzoate, malic acid, glycerin, sodium citrate, BG, ethylhexyl glycerin, fesoxyethanol, fragrance
Country of origin: Japan
Contents: 100mL

About SonoRepro™

SonoRepro is an ultrasonic scalp care device jointly developed by combining the technology of Pixie Dust Technologies and Annfer’s hair research in preventive medicine. The "non-contact vibration pressure stimulator" introduced to the scalp / hair specialty D clinic has been miniaturized to enable comprehensive hair care at home. It can also be used on heads coated with minoxidil or scalp serum, modulating the amplitude of air vibrations approximately 40,000 times / second to irritate the scalp without contact. With a compact design of about 260g, you can use it anywhere.

To use it, apply the device for 1 minute to each part of the scalp that you are concerned about (hairline, brush, etc.). You can use it regardless of gender.

A set that combines three SonoRepro and SonoRepro Exosome is also on sale.
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