「SOUND HUG」(サウンドハグ)* は、抱きかかえることで⾳楽を視覚と触覚で感じられる球体型デバイスです。 楽曲全体の⾳・特定の楽器の⾳をMIXして、球体に内蔵された振動スピーカーで再⽣することで⾳楽の振動を触覚で感じる事ができます。また、⾳楽に合わせて球体が発光する仕組みになっていて、振動だけでは伝わりづらい曲の旋律を視覚でも感じることができます。 SOUND HUG によって、⽿の⾃由・不⾃由にかかわらず、単に⽿で感じるだけではない、⾳楽を⾝体で楽しむという全く新しい⾳楽体験を提案しています。 *「SOUND HUG」は、ピクシーダストテクノロジーズ社の商標です。

SOUND HUG* is a spherical device that a person can hug to enjoy music visually and tangibly. The system plays the sound of the entire song or a specific instrument on a vibrating speaker installed inside the sphere, enabling the tangible sensation of music vibrations. Moreover, it is also equipped with a mechanism in which the spherical object emits light in conjunction with the music, enabling one to visually enjoy the melody of the music, which is difficult to convey tangibly. Using SOUND HUG, we are proposing a new way of experiencing music, where one can enjoy music physically, not just through the ears, irrespective of any hearing impairments.

* SOUND HUG is the trademark of Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc.

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< Case >

< Case >

クライアント: 公益財団法人日本フィルハーモニー交響楽団
「聴覚障害のある方とも一緒に音楽を楽しむ方法はないか」― SOUND HUG は、耳で聴かない音楽会に向けて音楽鑑賞デバイスとして開発されました。開発・調整にあたっては、障害者の音楽教育を研究する山本カヨ子先生(筑波大学附属聴覚特別支援学校)、デフサッカーの仲井健人選手、聴覚障害のある大学生をはじめとする多くの方々にご協力いただきました。

■ Case 1
Client: Japan Philharmonic Orchestra
To find ways to enjoy music together with people with hearing impairments, SOUND HUG was developed as a device for enjoying music in concerts for people with hearing impairments. We are grateful to many people who have cooperated with us in the development and adjustment of the device, including Kayoko Yamamoto engaged in research on the music education of people with hearing impairments (Special Needs Education School for the Deaf, University of Tsukuba), Mr. Kento Sakai (deaf soccer player), and the university students with hearing impairments.

Photo © ⼭⼝敦
Photo © Atsushi Yamaguchi

クライアント: ハードロック・ジャパン

■ Case 2
Client: Hard Rock Japan
They have decided to introduce it, as we would like people with hearing impairments enjoy the entertainment including music provided by Hard Rock without any barriers. We invited people with hearing impairments living in Hokkaido to a concert, and they enjoyed the experience.

< 原理 >

< Theory >


The music played is picked up by the microphone and then converted to light and vibration in real time, making it possible to experience music visually and tangibly. To facilitate tactile perception, the music played on stage is collected using microphones and output to vibration speakers fixed inside the spherical object.
The exterior of the spherical object is made of translucent hard plastic, achieving a design that allows easy tactile perception of wide-ranging vibrations from dynamic to very minute.
To facilitate visual perception, the light patterns are determined by analyzing the collected sound of the music played in real time. Blue light is emitted for lower notes, whereas red light is emitted for higher notes. Moreover, the intensity of the light emitted is determined by the volume of the sound. It is possible to change the mapping between music note and color, or adjust it to match the onstage performances.

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