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xMove is a self-driving technology for wheelchairs, in which a self-driving unit is mounted on a commercially available wheelchair to enable the wheelchair user to go wherever he/she wants at any time using button- and voice-activated operations. We aim to improve the convenience of wheelchair users and reduce the burden of caregivers.
Recently, Japan has been facing a shortage of caregivers to cater for the long-term care demand due to the declining birthrate and aging population. To overcome this manpower shortage, an enhanced monitoring function using cameras and sensing technologies is introduced in actual long-term care facilities. PDT focused on mobility at long-term care facilities and started the xMove project. Safe driving is realized through careful safety checks based on the sensors mounted on wheelchairs and in the care facilities. Currently, we are conducting experimental verification in long-term care facilities and working on the development by reflecting the feedback comments from the people involved in the field.

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In long-term care facilities, at mealtime, the residents move to the dining room at the same time. At these times, caregivers must repeat the task of pushing wheelchairs back and forth between the residents’ rooms and the dining room, and this must be done for all the residents. This task accounts for a large percentage of caregiving work in the facilities, and results in a considerable burden on the caregivers.

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