iwasemi RC-α

iwasemi RC-α
iwasemi RC-α

Transparent Sound-absorbing Panels
that blend in with glass walls


Bringing Tranquillity,
Blending into ambience

iwasemi™ RC-α is a sound-absorbing panel with acoustic metamaterial technologies and can blend into glass walls.
This tile-like rectangular-shaped panel allows different lay-out variations and the wavy finish protects the privacy of indoor spaces.
It is made of plant-based biodegradable plastics and performs high transparency and low environmental impact.
iwasemi™ RC-αblends into any kind of ambience and creates a quiet space ideal for conversation.

iwasemi RC-α


Innovation Field Yaesu, 4F, Tokyo Midtown Yaesu
TOYOTA Connected Corporation TOKYO GLIP Office
Seki Furniture Co.,Ltd Tokyo Branch


iwasemi RC-α
Material : BioPC
Weight : 210g
Technology : Patent pending
Lenght : mm
*as of February 2023
iwasemi HX-α

Create modern tranquillity

Human Voice Frequency

Blend into various surroundings

Frequently Asked Questions

How can this product be attached to walls?

This product can be attached to walls with adhesive tape that come with the panels.

How many panels do I need in my room?

SpaceFloor space(ft²)Unit required
Work booth(1 person)1522-
Meeting room (4 persons)10380-

*The above is measured under conditions where the panels are installed on two sides of orthogonal (L-shaped) walls at waist level in a room of 8.8ft ceiling height with rock wool acoustic panels for the ceiling and pile carpets for the floor. Results may differ depending on environment. Effectiveness may vary from person to person.

What is the sound absorption performance of this product?

Our panels have a high sound absorption coefficient of 0.8 on average in the 500-1000 Hz band that covers the range of human speech.

Can you send me samples of your product?

After making a sales contract, samples can be sent to you. We ship overseas too. Contact us for more details.

Where can I see the real product?

We have a showroom at our headquarters in Tokyo. Contact us if you would like a visit via the online form.

Can I ask you for construction and layout design?

We deal with installation and layout design in Japan only.

How can I purchase your products?

Contact us via the online form.

Do you have other lines of this product?

Find more here